About Us 



I’m Sarah.  I’m the founder of Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths. 

After working within the equestrian, leisure and photography industry for many years, I have felt compelled to create my own business, doing the things I love the most, which is working with people and photography.

Having worked closely with my boss for many years now, watching him grow, from being a mobile vet to owning his own practice.  It has inspired me to want to do the same, only in the photography/photobooth industry!  He has been an inspiration and has given me the encouragement, to pursue my dream of owning my own business.  So, I then set up Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths.  I want to help bring some fun, laughter and entertainment to people’s events, creating some fantastic memories for them to share with their family and friends for years to come.

During my time working in the veterinary world, something which I have enjoyed is photographing people’s beloved pets.  I want to keep my love for animals alive, so I’m including pet photography in my latest venture.

When I’m not working, I love to draw and paint, walk my family dog, attend comedy clubs and do a spot of acting.  I have been lucky enough to work on some amazing productions in TV and short films. 

I currently reside in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside and one of my favourite pastimes, is photographing my cat D’Artagnan, who often gets fed up with me taking his beautiful mugshot nearly every day!


D’Artagnan is our inquisitive, purrfect cat!  He’s head of organisation and communications!

He keeps us on our toes and likes to bring his favourite toy mouse to us every day.

D’Artagnan also shows us that animals are just as important.  They help us get through the difficult times in our lives, especially back during the pandemic.  They are family, our rocks.