Terms & Conditions

These T&C’s set out an agreement between Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths and the person or company booking the equipment. When you are hiring any products from us, you are entering into a legal binding agreement, based on these terms, our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. If you do not agree with these terms, please forgo using our site.

1.1 Your booking/hire is not confirmed until you receive a booking confirmation/email from us.
1.2 Booking form/contract means the form completed to confirm details of booking, including contact on the day and that you agree to the contract terms and conditions.
1.3 Before booking, either verbally in person, by email or phone, it is considered that the customer has read, understood and fully agreed to all of our terms and conditions of hire.
1.4 In the event that Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths is unable to attend your event due to reasons out of our control, such as, adverse weather conditions, traffic delays due to road works, closures or accidents, vehicle breakdown, illness, death or equipment failure. In the instance that we cannot attend your hire, due to the above issues, we will contact you or the venue as soon as we are able to do so. Our liability will be limited to refunding all monies paid.
1.5 If Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths is unable to start at the agreed time, due to being our fault, we will extend the finishing hire time, providing permission is given by the venue. In the event that the hire does not start at the agreed hire time, due to unanticipated occurrences, not at fault by Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths, then the hire will end at the agreed hire time set out when booking. If we have set up in time, but the hire does not start at the agreed time due to previous entertainments by you or the venue, then the hire will end at the agreed hire time on the booking form.
1.6 Any request to move the date of the hire must be made via email, 2 months prior to the event. Any change of date is subject to availability of the photobooth, and a new booking contract will be produced.
1.7 Hiring from Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths will cover an area within a 50-mile radius for free from our base in the New Forest. Every mile thereafter will be charged at a rate of 45p per mile.
1.8 There will be an additional charge of £15 for hires being held in the London congestion zones and parking costs will be met by the customer booking the hire in London (if the venue doesn’t have free parking).

2.Prices, Deposits and Remaining Balance Payments.
2.1 All hires are subject to a deposit of £120.00 (deposit is non-refundable). Deposits are to confirm your booking date.
2.2 The remaining balance to be paid in full and cleared 30 days prior to the event start date.
2.3 If the customer wishes to extend the equipment hire for longer than the agreed hire period on the night of the event, the excess rental time will be billed to the customer after the event or by card via a card machine on the night.
2.4 Upon your signature, Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths will reserve the date and time for your event, that’s been agreed by both parties and will not make other bookings for that date and time. For this reason, your deposit is non-refundable.
2.5 Your deposit must be paid the time of signing your contract/booking form.

  1. Cancellations
    3.1 Any cancellation is subject to the following charges:
    o 30 days or less from the date of event – full cost of package will be due.
    o 31-60 days notice before the hire period starts – 50% of total hire charge.
    o 61-90 days notice before the hire period starts – 25% of total hire charge.
    o More than 90 days before the hire period starts – 10% of total hire charge.
  2. Equipment
    4.1 All goods and equipment remain the property of Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths at all times and should not be removed from the venue or other locations in the building.
    4.2 In the event of previous damage of booked equipment, Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths has the right to use alternative equipment.
    4.3 The equipment hired is for indoor use only, unless a particular piece of equipment can be used outdoors and subject to weather conditions and used in a waterproof area.
    4.4 Use of props are to stay near the photobooth at all times and not used around the venue. Props are to be used for the photobooth only.
    4.5 For the hire of the 360-video booth no stilettos/heels to be worn whilst standing or dancing on the platform, to protect the platform from damage and for customers own safety.
    4.6 The equipment must be handled with care and respect at all times during your hire period.
  3. Mechanical Problems and Maintenance
    5.1 Rarely the photobooth may incur technical issues and every effort will be made to fix the problem. If it is fixed the photobooth will be available to use. If the problem is a printer issue, photos will still be taken and then printed out the next working day and posted to the customer and no refund shall be given. If the photobooth cannot take photos due to a camera or hard drive failure a refund will be given depending on the amount of time lost.
    5.2 Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths agrees to have the photobooth functioning during the hire period but the photobooth may need to be paused to restock photographic paper/ink.
  4. Liability and Insurance
    6.1 The customer agrees to cover the cost of any damage, theft, fire, flood or accidental damage of Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths’ equipment, whilst on hire, caused by any misuse of the photobooth by the customer, their employees or guests. We highly suggest that you take out insurance for any situation where the above may occur.
    6.2 Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths will not accept liability for any damage or loss of personal property or any injury from the use of the hired equipment.
  5. Venue and Behaviour
    7.1 The customer must ensure there is enough space to set up at your venue and have permission, this also includes the table for props, printing station, red carpet/rails and backdrop.
    7.2 Hired equipment will be set up and taken down at an agreed time prior to your to your event. I will need an hour to set up. The booth will be in one location and cannot be moved once set up.
    7.3 The equipment must be on flat and level surfaces. If outside in a marquee, the floor must be flat, level and electricity supplied to the marque. (Only the Selfie Pod can go outside under cover).
    7.4 Please make Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths aware of any difficult set up issues, including going upstairs, how far the distance is from the unloading pit to the venue, parking restrictions and narrow doorways.
    7.5 Please be aware Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths will require parking and any paid parking will be charged to the customer.
    7.6 Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths has the rights to terminate the hire and remove the equipment from the venue, if at any time Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths feels that the customer or guests put the public, venue staff, themselves or the safety of the hired equipment at risk. In these situations, no refund will be given. Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths will not accept any threatening behaviour and if this occurs, we will terminate the hire and dismantle the equipment with no refund. At any time near the photobooth, smoking and beverages will not be permitted.
  6. Photos and Videos – Model Release
    8.1 Photos/videos are only kept on a hard drive for one month then will be deleted. So please make sure you request all photos should you like them within that time frame and inform guests that they will only be available for one month.
    8.2 Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths will own the copyright of all the images and videos taken using the photobooth and will use any photographs i.e. portraits or pictures of any booth user who maybe included in the photo, via any or all media for promotion, advertising, social media and website to help promote my business. These maybe used for long term use. Attending your event means you agree, and permission has been permitted to do so by yourselves and your guests.
    8.3 Anyone who is hiring a photobooth from Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths, is accepting to be responsible for any images which are shared on social media with or without consent. We as Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths are not held responsible if any photos are shared without consent, and by hiring the equipment/services, you are agreeing that responsibilities of this act will be yours during the event.
    8.4 If you or your guests wish not to be used on Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths website, social media accounts or any other promotional material, please state.
    8.5 Photos will be stored via a secure server on the booth and on a hard drive/computer. After an event is completed, the photos from it are only kept on the hardware system in the booth and computer for one month.
    8.6 Your consent will account for others being photographed and published. It will be your responsibility to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, general public, that a photographer/photobooth will be taking photographs or videos and any objections should be notified.
    8.7 USBs are sometimes posted to the customer. If there is any loss or damage to the USBs in travel or at the event, Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths cannot be held responsible.
    8.8 You agree to all the terms and conditions when hiring equipment from Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths.
    8.9 When guest books are provided in the hire package, guests would be encouraged to put a duplicate photo in the guestbook and write a message. Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths can not be held responsible for guests not leaving a message or putting a photo in there. The guestbook is not managed by the attendant throughout the whole hire period and is left there for the guests to use throughout the night.
  7. Other Terms and Conditions
    9.1 Your guests can send their photos to their email or phone providing the venue has WIFI available or phone signal if using the selfie pod outside. Your guests can also use Airdrop to send the photos, providing they are an iPhone user.
    9.2 Any disagreement with a hire must be notified within 7 days after the event or you will be exempt from any refund.
    Please do contact Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths if you are unclear on any of our terms and conditions before you book a photobooth. We will be more than happy to go through questions you may have.
    We hope you have a brilliant event and thank you for using Sarah Elizabeth Photobooths.