The Booths

The Magic Mirror

The magic mirror is the perfect touch to weddings, parties, birthdays, Christmas, proms and corporate events.  BUT the list doesn’t stop there! Magic Mirror is also perfect for product launches, award shows, fashion shows, film premiers.  Where there’s and event…. there’s a Magic Mirror!

Add that extra fun element to your event, with the impressive state of the art full length magic mirror!  Just a touch of the screen and beautiful memories printed instantly.  Choose from single or multiple photos on just one print!

Why not add some fun animations and emojis to your prints, sign your name or write a message.  With funny voice overs to get you ready for your photo, let the magic mirror be part of your event.

The magic mirror is for all ages and even your four-legged friends! Dress up using props, experience the red carpet and fun backdrops!

Stand in front of the mirror, touch the screen and pose!  You can edit your prints with emojis and even write a special message for your guests.  Or why not use the paint feature, where guests can use the paint brush by using their finger to make their own art on their prints.  Photos are printed in under 10 seconds, with a background of your choice.

Why not add that special element to your event with a guestbook, particularly popular with weddings and birthdays.  Guests print a copy for themselves but also a copy for the guestbook along with a special message.

So how does the Magic Mirror work?

The mirror is full length, giving that added space to get all of you in the shot.  Behind the mirror is a built-in high-end camera, ready to take your photo.  It also has an adjustable light for brightness on top of the mirror.  Simply stand in front of the mirror and pose.  The added fun part to this is using props provided to make your photos pop!

You can then send your photos to the printer and in under 10 seconds they will come out of the side of the mirror!  All photos are 6×4”.   You can also email your prints (WIFI essential)

Can you use your own branding on your prints?

Yes!  Photos can be branded with the theme of your event or logo, especially popular for corporate events and charity fundraisers, using their own logo/branding.  Also great for weddings and parties.  We would need your branding emailed over, prior to your event. 

What do packages include?

A professional, smart, booth assistant along with myself.  Unlimited use of the booth, photos saved and then a link and USB sent to the host after the event.  (Please see packages page on what we offer).

360 Video Booth

The 360-video booth is the hottest trend to have at your event!  Our booth captures the whole experience and creates high-definition videos, which can be slow-mo. or faster and at any angle. 

Guests stand on the platform, have a little dance, or pose…and the slow-motion arm circles around them.  Then, on the tablet, all you have to do is scan the QR Code to instantly get the video on your phone, to share to friends and family, or upload to social media. 

You can also brand your video with your event name or company logo.  A PNG of the logo would need to be emailed over, prior to the event.

Make your brand wow and stand out at your next event, with our 360-video booth.  Capture amazing content of your brand, with high-definition videos, taken on a GoPro and share via social media in seconds!

With added affects such as boomerang, slow-mo and overlay, the 360 will capture it!  We also have a selection of traditional props to use or themed ones for events such as Christmas, Halloween and more. 

The 360-video booth is fully manned with an attendant, to ensure you have a fun experience and to operate the tablet, so all you have to do, is stand on the platform…pose or slow dance and let the GoPro do the rest! 

The 360 is popular at weddings, parties, awards, corporate events, fundraisers and more!

Table Booth

The 360-degree selfie table photobooth is the must have add on, to the mirror at your event.

Place on your table and combine with your centrepiece by placing on the middle of the booth and capture photos of family, friends, or work colleagues! Or why not have at the entrance and capture your guests entering your event.

Again, the table booth is perfect for weddings, parties, corporate events and awards!

Why not brand the table booth with the style of your event.  You can brand your sash and add your table centrepiece on the booth.

You can even add your branding or name to the photo templates and functions as a single or multiples.

Provide that special table entertainment throughout the meal and add that extra bit of fun by hiring the table booth to capture every moment of your guests.

For more info, please see packages page.